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Call for Donation

We welcome donations in any form. All contributions will be tax deductible. You can opt to pay the boarding fee or tuition of an individual student, buy desks and chairs for a classroom or even contribute to the science lab. When applicable, such items will be named after the donator. You can choose the flowing methods of payment:

Donations in China

Account Number:0200261009021700129
Account Opening Bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Xing-feng St. Subbranch of Beijing Da-xing Branch
Account Name: Pu-Gong-Ying Middle School (Dandelion School) of Da-xing District of Beijing

Donations from abroad

US Dollar: (Please make check payable to)
World Education, Inc. Ms. Pasang Drolma
Dandelion School Project
44 Farnsworth St., Boston, MA 02210,USA

All donations to the Dandelion School through World Education, a registered 501c(3), are tax deductible.
All funds are transferred directly to the field with World Education's administrative costs being contributed to the Dandelion School's efforts to bring quality education to children of migrant workers.
Contact number: 1-617-482-9485.


Remitting EURO to Dandelion School, Beijing China

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Beijing Municipal Branch

Receiving Euro remittance in Beijing is simple.
Please request the sender to instruct its bank to use the following payment routing information:

Please remit the fund by T/T to:
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Frankfurt Branch

For credit to:
(THE IBAN NUMBER IS:DE07501102009000010401)
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
Beijing Municipal Branch, Beijing, PRC
A/C No.9000010401

For further credit to Beneficiary:
Account Number:     0200011409111016085    
Name: Pu-Gong-Ying Middle School (Dandelion School) of Da-Xing District of Beijing

Address and Telephone No:
Pu-Gong-Ying Middle School (Dandelion School)
Shou-Bao-Zhuang Village
Xi-Hong-Men Township
Da-Xing District, Beijing, 100162,
P. R. China.
Tel.: 86-010-61288964
School Accountant: Miss Jianqin Ren,  Tel: 86-13811145615

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